The Adventures Of Our Little Family Of Three

Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's hard for me to believe it, but I finally made it to graduation and now possess my MBA. I graduated just last night from Oklahoma City University, and had my dad and Jon there to cheer me on. I got a bit teary-eyed during the ceremony, feeling such an enormous amount of accomplishment and strength. I feel like I've been in school forever, and to be honest, there have been times when I wasn't sure if I'd make it through the program. However, through hard-work and determination, I managed to finish my degree with a 3.5 GPA. It was difficult juggling a full-time job, pregnancy and then motherhood, all while studying for my masters degree. Jon told me last night how proud he was of me, and that he and Riley admired me for sticking with it and not quitting. He went on to say that he didn't know any mothers that could do what I had done, and succeed in finishing their degree. I must say, that made me feel like the best mother/fiance in the world. Although I'm feeling sort of saddened that I'll never be in school again, I'm relieved to have finally received what I've worked so hard for the past two years, and my whole life. I am so lucky to have Jon and Riley, who encouraged me the whole way...I couldn't be where I am today without them. Also, I want to give special thanks to my mom and dad, who have always taught me to strive for success, and have given me great advice along the way. I've never felt so happy with my educational background than I do now. I know that now, I have the tools to be as successful as I want to be, and the sky is the limit. I really feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. Hopefully I'll have as much success in passing the CPA exam, as I've had in obtaining my masters degree.

A Trip To Owasso...

Last weekend, Jon, Riley and I made a trip to Owasso to celebrate my niece Caroline's First Birthday. The birthday girl looked adorable as always, and really cleaned-up in the presents category. We stayed with my sister and brother-in-law that night, which gave the cousins some time to play together.

It's so cute to see them interact, because they are about the same size and copy what the other one does. My mom was kind enough to babysit that night, so that Jon and I could go out to dinner with Leslie and John. We had a delicous mexican dinner, followed by a nightcap at John and Leslie's gorgeous new home. We really had so much fun in Owasso, and were sad that the weekend went by so quickly.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turkey For Me, And Turkey For You...

Sorry it has been so long since I've blogged! It seems like so much has been going on in our lives these days, so I thought I'd update everyone with all of the exciting things happening in our little family.

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of fun, food and family time. My mom came to town to celebrate the holiday with us, which was nice. We had a wonderful feast at my dad's house in Oklahoma City, and Riley really enjoyed eating mashed potatoes, rolls and stuffing. He didn't care too much for the turkey (which was a shock) but he absolutely LOVES coconut cream pie. Riley acted like a typical male...he ate so much that we had to take his jeans off and let him watch football.

That Saturday night was the big OU/OSU bedlam game, so mom and I cooked a delicious feast for us to eat before the game. Obviously, we all know how the game ended, and were excited to see our beloved Sooners victorious. The game was so stressful though, and I thought at many points Jon might have a heart attack, as he was so into the game.

We ended the weekend with a family photo shoot at a beautiful park in Norman. I wanted to get pictures taken for our Christmas Card. Despite the awful windy weather, we managed to get a few cute shots. However, I don't think Jon and Riley particularly liked having our pictures taken...they would have been happy to spend five minutes on family pictures, rather than an hour.

Overall, we had a very busy, yet wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Jon and I are so thankful to have Riley in our lives!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday with those you love, and that you take the time to remember what you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Jon, Erin & Riley

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Holidays Are Coming Quick...Have You Picked Out Your Greeting Cards?

 Can you believe it's that time of year? I like to get my Christmas cards mailed by the second week of December. That means I've got to order the cards... soon!

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I don't know why I'm so in love with the vintage plaid look, but I just adore it!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Splurged on Myself!

I got a haircut and color finally!! I'm allowed to have two a year, right? Honestly, just being able to make time between work, school, wedding planning and Riley is difficult, but I love my busy life!

Recent Happenings...

Last weekend, Jon went on to College Station, Texas, for his annual boy's trip. He and three other guys went to see OU play Texas A&M...We all know how that game went. Although the game was awful, Jon said he really enjoyed College Station and that the A&M fans were cordial.

While Jon was on his trip, Riley and I stayed in Norman and went to my dad's house to visit with family. Poor Riley had a rough weekend...he is getting a couple of molars in, and is suffering from a sinus infection. The weekend pretty much went as follows:

Riley didn't care for his pizza lunch...

                               Riley's tuxedo for the wedding arrived, but he didn't like trying it on...

I hate seeing my sweet boy so upset...but even when he's upset, he still makes the cutest faces. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Riley's First Trick-Or-Treat

Happy Halloween! Riley sure did have a blast trick-or-treating for the first time! My mom and I took him to "Haunt The Zoo" on Friday night, where he got to walk through a very decorated Halloween trail and get lots of attention and candy. Here are a few pictures from his adventure:

Waiting to get into the zoo...
 Trying to open the treasure chest...

 Riley's terrified face...
 Riley and I...
 Riley and Grandma Peggy...
 Sitting with the pumpkin...
 Headed home...and not tired a bit!

Riley even got to go trick-or-treating on our street...he absolutely loved running around. He ran his grandma and I ragged. He really enjoyed seeing all the kids come up to the door. He got so excited and would try to escape to go with them...then he'd cry once they left. He thinks he's about 4 years old. Here are some shots from that adventure:

Heading out to the neighbor's house...

 He can't say trick-or-treat...but he knows how to hold his bag up for candy...
 Getting some goodies...
 Riley with Grandma Peggy...
 This was his sad face...he cried every time the trick-or-treaters walked away...

I hope everyone had as much fun celebrating Halloween as Riley did! He's zonked out after so much fun!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pre-Halloween Party

Last weekend, Jon and I had the opportunity to attend a Halloween/Birthday Party for some friends in Norman. We had so much fun, and I thought I'd share a couple of pictures to show you our costumes. I was 'Little Red Riding Hood', and Jon was a 'Pimp'.

Riley stayed the night with Grandpa Jeff and Grandma BJ. He really enjoyed his time with them, and I don't think it hurt that they spoiled him rotten, and got him a 'Happy Meal' for dinner. It's always nice to get out of the house for a night out, but Jon and I both missed Riley so much, and agreed that things were just weird without him around. We love our little guy.

I was fumbling through pictures on my phone, and came across what has to be one of the most hilarious pictures I've ever taken of Riley. So, I thought I'd share it with all of you.

I'm guessing the thought going through his head was. " WHOA! What is this thing?! This has got to be the best food ever!! How do I get more?!" ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Is Finally Here!

Jon, Riley and I are so happy that the Fall weather has finally decided to reveal itself here in Oklahoma! The nights are getting cooler...and it's almost sweater weather! Here are a few of my favorite things from Fall 2010 so far...

Making fun Fall decorations...

 Baking carrot cake or pumpkin spice bread...

And last, but not least....

Seeing my little boy dressed up in his Halloween costume! (Sorry this picture is blurry....Superman holds still for no one!)

I'll be sure to post pictures from Riley's first trick-or-treat experience in a few weeks. Jon and I are heading to a Halloween party on Saturday, which should be a blast! I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting Ready for OU Football

Is anyone else as into Oklahoma Football as Jon is? Probably so. One thing is for sure, Riley is Sooner born and Sooner bred...

My dad got Riley this cute little OU windsuit...he absolutely loves it! (Mommy does too, because he looks so adorable in it) My little baby is growing into such a big boy! I love him so much.

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, Jon, Riley and I decided to venture out on a beautiful Saturday morning for a trip to the Norman Pumpkin Patch. There were so many things to do once we got there. The patch is located on a family farm, complete with farm animals, tractors and miles of corn.

Riley really enjoyed seeing all the animals. He also loved running around the grounds. He has become quite the little escape artist, as he has learned how to run.

After Riley got his fill of visiting the animals, we embarked on our next adventure: hay-ride.

After the hay-ride, Riley took us through the hay maze. He was so cute! Jon and I got to see our little boy problem solve.

We successfully made it through the hay maze, and then proceeded to let Riley play.

Then it was time for some photo ops...Riley hung out with the 'Peanuts' Gang, and got a picture with 'The Great Pumpkin'

For the last leg of our fun-filled trip to the pumpkin patch, Riley got to pick out his very own pumpkin! This was quite a process, but absolutely adorable to watch him in action. He was so curious...

After researching the pumpkins, Riley finally found "the one"... He was so tired, and had to take a break for some milk.

He was so proud of his little pumpkin, and held it in his lap the whole way home.

Jon and I really enjoyed taking Riley to the pumpkin patch. It really was fun for all!

We will definitely make this a family tradition...We can't wait for our pumpkin patch adventures next year!

We hope you all are having a fun Fall!