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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turkey For Me, And Turkey For You...

Sorry it has been so long since I've blogged! It seems like so much has been going on in our lives these days, so I thought I'd update everyone with all of the exciting things happening in our little family.

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of fun, food and family time. My mom came to town to celebrate the holiday with us, which was nice. We had a wonderful feast at my dad's house in Oklahoma City, and Riley really enjoyed eating mashed potatoes, rolls and stuffing. He didn't care too much for the turkey (which was a shock) but he absolutely LOVES coconut cream pie. Riley acted like a typical male...he ate so much that we had to take his jeans off and let him watch football.

That Saturday night was the big OU/OSU bedlam game, so mom and I cooked a delicious feast for us to eat before the game. Obviously, we all know how the game ended, and were excited to see our beloved Sooners victorious. The game was so stressful though, and I thought at many points Jon might have a heart attack, as he was so into the game.

We ended the weekend with a family photo shoot at a beautiful park in Norman. I wanted to get pictures taken for our Christmas Card. Despite the awful windy weather, we managed to get a few cute shots. However, I don't think Jon and Riley particularly liked having our pictures taken...they would have been happy to spend five minutes on family pictures, rather than an hour.

Overall, we had a very busy, yet wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Jon and I are so thankful to have Riley in our lives!

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