The Adventures Of Our Little Family Of Three

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Riley's First Haircut

This past weekend was pretty eventful here in the Honan house...One of the highlights was Riley getting his hair cut for the very first time!

Jon and I took him to a salon that specializes only in children, and after an hour-long wait, Riley got a new look. I don't think he cared too much for the electric razor...but overall he did great. He didn't cry, he just gave us some sour looks.

His stylist gave him a sucker before she started, to distract him while she was cutting his hair. Poor Riley did not like the sucker, and really didn't understand what he was supposed to do with it...It was cute though.

 A few minutes and a few pictures later, we were on our way out the door with our adorable little boy. Whenever we entered into the salon, we had a baby, but when we left, it was clear that we had a little boy! Riley loves his new haircut, and loves to have it spiked up with gel.

Jon's 30th Birthday Party

Well, it happened! Jon turned 30 a few weeks ago...and we celebrated by heading to Tulsa for a poker-themed birthday party. We started the day off with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (Jon's Favorite) for some good ol' wings and beer.

We had lots of fun....however, the service there was completely terrible...honestly, we had the world's worst waitress. Anyway, the food was good, and Jon really liked his birthday present from Riley and I...a North Face Jacket!

After lunch, we got together with friends at The Stone's place for a game of poker. In the end, Derek won the big pot...but he was nice enough to buy all of us a cocktail later that night! We sipped bloody marys and nibbled on trail mix, salsa and cheese dip...and I was pretty proud of myself for having cute decorations.

Next, it was time to light the candles (ALL 30 OF THEM), sing 'Happy Birthday Jon', and let him blow them out....Here's a re-enactment in pictures.

WARNING: Although powdered sugar looks pretty on top of is not wise to use it when blowing out candles. :)  Yep...Fail on my part!
Once that mess was cleaned up, we all headed across the street to "Fat Daddy's" for some fun. We had a blast, and are so thankful to everyone that came out for Jon's birthday. A big thanks to The Stone's for letting us stay at their place....They were so gracious, and so nice to let us have the party there!

On a side note, my husband feels the need to tell me that 30 is not old....I know this! He still acts like the 25 year old guy I met...and he's still young at heart. :)