The Adventures Of Our Little Family Of Three

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Shower

Jon, Riley and I had a fantastic weekend in Owasso, where our friends Leslie and John hosted a fabulous wedding shower for us! We got to see all of our great friends and family, eat delicious food (cooked by Kellie and Leslie) and open several awesome gifts. Jon and I are so greatful to everyone that made it to the shower...we love you guys, and are so appreciative that you are all a part of our wedding. Here are a few pictures of the party:

                                        Our Hosts Cooking in John and Leslie's gorgeous home

Dad and I

                                                                 Aunt Diane, Mom and I

                                                                     Allison & Kenton

                                                 Allie, Myself, Kellie, Leslie & Grandma Pat

                                                        Jon, expressing his hatred for Texas

Crystal Candlesticks from my sister

                                                         Baking Pans from Kenny & Kellie

                                                                   Skillet from Derek

                                              Cook Books and Ice Cream Scoop From Ferrin

                                                                      Grill from Jason

Derek, Jason, Jon, Kenny and John

Once the presents had been opened, and the food had been devoured, there was only one thing left to do...Play Scattegories!

We finished the short weekend by eating breakfast with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. We are so excited to meet Miss Campbell Vienna Miller this Friday!

In other upcoming events...this weekend is my Bachelorette Party, and Jon's Bachelor Party is next on the lookout for some fun pictures documenting these great times! Jon and I are so looking forward to the wedding, and cannot wait to finally become husband and wife!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recent Happenings...

The month of December flew by so quickly! Jon, Riley and I did so many fun I thought I'd share a few of them with you:

We attended the beautiful wedding of Tommy & Amy on Sunday the 26th...

 Their wedding reception was so much fun!

And the after party was a blast!

Jon and I attended our first hockey game together last Tuesday night. We enjoyed the first five minutes...but then it got a little boring...

Well, I hope you're all doing well...I thought I'd leave you one last picture for your viewing pleasure...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Santa Clause Came To Town...

The past few weekends have been filled with so many fun events for us! First, we headed to Tulsa, to attend Jon's best friend, Kenny's 30th Birthday Party. It was so nice seeing all of our friends who live in Tulsa...we had a blast! Kellie (Kenny's Wife) had the party very appropriately themed...she had cigars with the tag: "30 Sucks", and Blow Pop Suckers with the tag: "30 Blows". Jon turns 30 in three months...I'll have to think of something fun to do for his birthday. I'm sure I'll be enlisting Kellie and her great party ideas!

The next night was Christmas Eve, which we spent at my sister's house in Owasso. Riley and Caroline had such a blast playing together, as usual. The only downside was that they insisted on fighting over the same toy. Whatever one had, they other wanted it. Both kiddos cleaned up this Christmas with fun toys, clothes, and educational items. I was sad to leave Christmas morning, because I just love my little niece!

We made the trek from Owasso back to Oklahoma City, to stay with my dad on Christmas Day/Night. While Jon worked the Thunder game, Riley and I chowed down on turkey sandwiches, deviled eggs and cheese dip. I received a set of Calphalon pots and pans from my dad, which was super exciting!! Jon and I have been living with only two cooking pots since we began living together. I think the set had about 8 different pots and pans with it...and a dutch oven...I'm in heaven! Riley got some more great gifts, including two dump trucks and a hard hat from Grandpa Jeff. He's such a boy, and loves to run around in the hard hat.

The next morning, we headed back home to Norman, to celebrate our little family Christmas. Santa had brought Riley a few more gifts, including his favorite: the dirt-devil vacuum cleaner. Jon was happy to get a new printer and paper shredder, while I was thrilled to get a new hair-straightener. All in all, this holiday was busy, and filled with lots of running around, but we made it work...I can't wait until next year! (Maybe Riley won't cry when he sees Santa next year) I hope you all got to spend time with those you love, and had a happy holiday!