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Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthdays and St. Patrick's Day

Last weekend, we celebrated Jon's 31st Birthday, and our great friend Kellie's birthday in Tulsa. Coincidentally, we ended up celebrating on St. Patrick's Day. The festivities started with a sushi and hibachi grill dinner at Osaka. Jon loved his California roll! All of the food was amazing, and I will definitely be back to that place in the future...

We also ventured to Downtown Tulsa for the big St. Patrick's Day Festival...but we left once it started to rain. Next, we headed to good old Fox and Hound for a nightcap, topping off the fun birthday weekend.

A big thanks to my mom and Leslie for babysitting Riley...and another big thanks to The Stone's for letting us crash at their place for the weekend! It was, as always, a fabulously fun weekend in Tulsa!

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