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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ye Olde Medieval Fair

This past weekend went by so fast! Kellie & Kenny stayed with us this past Friday night, after they drove into town for the Thunder vs. Lakers game. It was fun just sitting around talking with them. Saturday was really cold, windy and rainy here in Norman. So, Jon and I decided to rent a movie (Up In The Air) and relaxed at home. Because Sunday was such a gorgeous day, we decided to take little Riley to the annual Medieval Fair in Norman. It seems like this event grows more each year.....and there are a lot of people that really get into playing their characters. We met up with my dad and his girlfriend, and people-watched ate and walked around to see all of the interesting things. We got to see a real wedding too....medieval themed of course. Although I personally am not into dressing-up in medieval garb, I still find it entertaining to see others do it. Some were on the weird side.....others just wore really nice costumes. I swear I saw Merlin the Magician....and a green dragon with a chain around its neck. Even though the medieval fair was different, it was a fun experience. We will definitely go again next year! Riley did get into the spirit Grandpa Jeff got him a jester hat. I'm sure Riley will love this picture when he's about 16. :)

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