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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Tulsa for Jon & Kellie's Birthdays

This past weekend we packed up and drove to Tulsa for a fun-filled birthday weekend/visit with family and friends. Jon turned the big two-nine on Monday. Our good friend Kellie had a birthday on March, 16. So, we all decided we should get together and have a joint-birthday-party-dinner for Jon and Kellie. We ate at 'In the Raw', a delicious restaurant in Tulsa, known for having wonderful sushi. (I'm not a sushi fan, and got a steak instead, but it was awesome!) After a nice dinner, we went out for a few drinks. The night was so much fun....despite the 5 inches of snow Tulsa got that night (Even though it was 70 degrees the day before). Jon had a blast, and got an I-Phone as his birthday gift....he's pretty much infatuated with it. We made it back to Norman Sunday evening, and are still trying to unpack all of the stuff we I took to Tulsa. (I tend to over-pack.) Here are a few pictures from the birthday night, some are a bit crazy.
 I cannot believe that Easter is next Sunday! Didn't we just celebrate New Year's like a few weeks ago?! Time is flying by! On another note: Riley has an ear-infection. :(  But, he's a trooper, and he's getting through it.
 Thanks to Kellie for cooking a wonderful meal for us on Friday night! She is an awesome cook! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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