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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Fun to Stay at The YMCA!

My apologies if you now have that song stuck in your head. Last week, Jon and I decided to join the YMCA in Norman. The company I work for is doing a health campaign, and has been gracious enough to pay for majority of the monthly costs for it's employees to have memberships to the YMCA. The first workout felt great! Jon and I did the elyptical for our fifteen minutes of cardio. We also tried out several pieces of gym equipment.....our favorite is the ab-crunch. Meanwhile, Riley stayed in the YMCA nursery, and got to play with all kinds of fun toys! Unfortunately, Riley was bitten on the nose while in the nursery.....but he has recovered! Working out is a great start to living a healthier life, but we know that we need to incorporate healthy eating habits into the mix as well. Jon and I eat lots of whole wheat items, and chicken. The biggest challenge, for me at least, is giving up soda drinks. I'm a little addicted to's been my late-afternoon guilty pleasure for far too long. Hopefully, we can get into a routine with our workouts, and have fun getting healthier! Here are some links to a few websites I have found helpful in our journey to become healthier:

Spark People

The Biggest Loser

This video is sort of hilarious, so I thought I'd share:

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