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Thursday, September 15, 2011

OU Football Begins!

Well folks, the day all of us Sooner fans have been anxiously awaiting finally arrived...OU Football kicked off a few Saturdays ago! I was fortunate to be invited to the game (Thanks Dad!)...while Jon hung out at an awesome tailgate with friends.

Obviously we're all very thrilled about how the Sooners are playing...and are down right jubilant at the fact that we're #1!!

Riley enjoyed the game from home with the babysitter...but we managed to snag a few pictures with him before he started crying with separation anxiety  we left for the game.

Since this game fell on Labor Day Weekend...and we felt bad for leaving little Riley home while we were out for the game, we decided to take him out to eat at Logan's Roadhouse, where he dined on a delicious children's chicken finger basket. Unfortunately, we had to wait nearly 30 minutes before we were sat, but Riley behaved so well! He was very fascinated by the beeper they gave us...

With good behavior come rewards...So, Riley got to go on a little visit to Toys 'R Us, where he picked out a "Cars" potty and an adorable little backpack. He now carries his backpack or "pack-pack" to daycare with him instead of a diaper bag. This adorable little backpack has become his new obsession, and he has to know where it is at all times! He must know how adorable he looks with it on...

My little boy looks like a big kid that's waiting for the school bus to pick him up...:(
They grow up so fast!!

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