The Adventures Of Our Little Family Of Three

Friday, July 1, 2011


It sure is hot here in Oklahoma! To stay out of the heat as much as possible, Jon and I decided to take Riley to the Sam Noble Museum of History last Saturday. We'd taken him before, when Jon's dad came to Norman for a visit...but Riley was less than a year old. This time, Riley was able to interact with the exhibits more. (He loved looking at the dinosaur teeth and bones the most.) It was a fun outing for our little family, and best of all, we got in free because it was "Library Day"!

Another happening around our house recently, is that we bought Riley a baby pool. It's the best $3.00 I've ever spent! (Why didn't I get this thing sooner?!) He loves it, and it's another great way for him to cool off and beat the Oklahoma heat.

Here's a few more photos of our little stinker in his dinosaur pajamas...

 Pointing to himself as a baby in one of our family photos...

I hope you all have a fabulous Fourth of July!! Our plans are to stay local, and take Riley to see fireworks for the first time. Stay safe & have fun!

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