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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Visit to Tulsa...

This past weekend, Jon decided he was going to have a "Guy's Weekend" in Tulsa with a few of his friends, so Riley and I headed to my sister's house in Owasso to see Grandma Peggy, Caroline & Campbell. All three cousins really enjoyed their playtime together...and boy were they full of energy! I attempted several times to get a cute picture of the three of them...but that wasn't going to happen!

Caroline and Riley are so funny...they mimic what the other does. They're only five months apart, so I have a feeling they will be ganging up on sweet little Campbell in a few years.

Riley really surprised me with how much attention he paid to baby Campbell, or "Mammal" as he called her.

Here he is giving her a rattle that fell on the floor...

Riley even sat next to Campbell, and it was absolutely precious!

Precious, until he decided he didn't want to sit next to baby Campbell anymore...

Pure cousin love right there! (Campbell was unharmed from the above picture). All in all, Riley and I had a great weekend, and really enjoyed seeing Grandma Peggy, Caroline & Campbell! I have a feeling Jon had a great time with his friends as well...I received this text message at about 2AM Sunday morning:

Erin, I have your husband's cell phone...No idea what's going on...Stuff is crazy.

Did the picture scare you too?? I had a nightmare my husband was a zombie after this one. Haha. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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