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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Riley Blaine...22 Months

Seeing that my little big boy will be two years old in just two months, I thought I needed to share some of his behaviors on the blog while he's still doing them! First of all, Riley is obsessed with Sesame Street ("Sesee"). He absolutely adores Elmo ("Melmo"). One of his favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to watch a new episode of Sesame Street, while eating blueberry waffles and milk.

Riley has a new found passion for all things sports related too! He loves to throw the ball, and chase after it all around the house. He's not able to catch the ball quite yet, but his dad assures me they'll be working on it this summer.

For quite a few months now, Riley has had his "favorite" He doesn't like for anyone to touch them, move them from where he puts them...etc. He really enjoys lining up all of his cars according to size on our couch. Thinking my son might be a tad OCD, I asked his doctor about this behavior. He assured me that this "organizational" behavior was normal for toddlers.

He's so proud of himself! Riley has so much self-confidence.

Going to our neighborhood park is another favorite activity for Ry. He climbs up to the slide and slides down all by himself. He likes to swing and ride the horsey too...

This past weekend Riley learned how to make a "mean face"...

He's 100% boy, and constantly getting into something, but he sure is a joy to have in our lives...

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