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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

 Memorial Weekend...otherwise known as Riley's favorite weekend. Jon and I decided that since the weather was so nice we'd take Riley to do some of his favorite outdoor activities. It all started with a trip to the park on Saturday morning, where Riley played on the slide and ran around.

 We have a neighborhood park that is just a block from our house, and there's never anyone there. It makes Riley feel like it is his own personal playground...

 Riley insisted on going down the "big" slide, and loved it so much that he went again and again...

He tried to escape the bounds of the park a few times....He thinks he's old enough to wander off by himself!

On this trip to the park, Riley also decided he no longer wanted to swing in the baby swings, and tried out the adult swing...

He loved it!

The next morning (Sunday), we took little Ry to the splash pad, where he could interact with other toddlers and run around amidst the spraying water toys.

He was a bit shy at first....

But about 10 minutes later, he was having a blast!

He kept yelling at the water....Hence his mouth being wide-open in almost every picture.

This picture below is one of my favorites...There was one particular toddler girl who kept coming up to Riley and staring at him, and he just kept giving her these stares....I guess girls are not of interest quite yet.

As if Riley didn't already have a fun-filled weekend, Jon and I spoiled him by giving him ice cream with bananas and strawberries. He's not a sweets lover....In fact, he wasn't sure what to do with his treat...

We finished up the fun-filled weekend with some swinging at the park...Like father, like son...

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day/Weekend! Thanks to all those people who protect our freedom!

(By the way, what do you think of these photos? I took them with my new DSLR...and edited them using Picasa.)

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