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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Birthday Party & Cousin Love...

Last weekend, my sister and two adorable nieces came back to Oklahoma City for a little visit. We all attended Liam's First Birthday on Saturday, and the kids had lots of fun splashing around in the baby pools.

It was so hot outside! I'm hating the fact that it's been around 100 degrees consistently for about two weeks. It's miserable!

We all enjoyed Liam's Party! The decorations were adorable, and he really dove right into his smash cake...

Poor Riley....he was totally jealous the whole time Liam was eating his Jon was nice enough to give little Ry a piece...He loved it!

After the birthday party, we journeyed to my dad's house and then on to Eischen's in Okarche for a Pre-Father's Day celebration.

They have the best fried was delicious!!

After we all filled up on chicken, it was time to head back to dad's house to relax and give the cousins a little playtime.

Sweet Sisters

The infamous "biting incident"

Riley just adored Caroline's toy phone...

Caroline and Riley were being sort of photogenic for me...

But all the sweet behavior changed once Caroline yanked the toy phone away from Riley...

Why are they so cute when they're mad? :)

Once things calmed down, Caroline and Riley enjoyed a piggy-back ride from Allie...

It was a fun weekend, and we hope to see them all again soon!

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