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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riley Blaine - Eleven Months


Height: 30 1/2"
Weight: 22.5 lbs.

As Riley gets closer to turning a year old, he is starting to really become mobile. Jon and I have had a few tough nights, when Riley refuses to go to sleep...he'll just stand up in his crib and scream. It scares us that he may try to escape from the crib, and fall and hurt himself. When he does finally go to sleep, Riley is out from about 8pm to 6:30am, and does not like to be disturbed. Riley's eating habits have changed a bit, as he refuses to eat baby food, and insists on eating whatever Jon and I are having. He has eight teeth now, and can chew just about anything. His new favorite foods are corn, beans, smoked bologna, chicken nuggets and ground beef. Riley got to try his first McDonald's french fry, which he of course loved.

He is able to pull up on anything and everything in our house, and has begun to side-step while holding onto the furniture. Riley is becoming more verbal, and has discovered books.
On our recent trip to Tulsa to visit family and friends, Riley said "Hi Grandma"...but wouldn't say it a second time. Riley frequented his usual spots this month: YMCA, Grandpa Jeff's, the park, and Tulsa. Some special memories this month were celebrating Riley's first Fourth of July, watching him read a book with Jon, celebrating Jon's first Father's Day, and going to Grandpa Jeff and Grandma BJ's for a BBQ.
I say this often, but I can't believe how fast he has grown.
I swear I just had him last month! Jon and I continue to feel blessed to have such a sweet boy in our lives, and look forward to celebrating Riley's first birthday later this month.

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