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Monday, April 26, 2010

What a beautiful weekend...

This past weekend, Allie and Caroline came for a visit. Allie was in town giving her best-friend (Hailey) a baby shower, so she and sweet Caroline decided to stay with us Friday night. Riley and I met up with Allie, Caroline and Hailey downtown at the annual Oklahoma City Arts Festival. We had a blast! It was such a gorgeous day, and the kiddos really loved being outside. Allie and I have been going to the Arts Festival most of our lives, and each year it brings something exciting and new. The food is always amazing, and the art gets better and better. The gardens near the festival were blooming with gorgeous geraniums and pansies...and there was a great band playing down by the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Here are a few pictures of the scene...

Later that evening, after the kids were put to bed, Allie and I headed to The Mont for some much needed margaritas. Good ol' sister bonding time. Jon was nice enough to stay home and babysit.

Saturday was a full day of running around....I got my hair done FINALLY...and then went to Hailey's baby shower in Oklahoma City. It was so much fun, and the cake was adorable! We wish her well, and can't wait to meet Liam.

Sunday consisted of cleaning, laundry, etc. I did get to plant flowers in front of our house, while Jon detailed my car. (How nice of him!) Riley helped by being his adorable self....attempting to roll away in his walker. He's crawling faster now, and we really have to watch him all the time. I hope you are all doing well!

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