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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Been A TERRIBLE Week...

Let's just say that this past week hasn't been so great. First, this happened: 87 year-old man got his foot stuck under his break pedal and rear ended slammed into the back of my car. My Toyota Camry (Preston) is a total loss. Thank goodness I am not upside-down on the loan, but it still hurts financially. Riley was NOT in the car, THANK YOU GOD. Jon hit his head on the dash, and he and I both went to the emergency room. We have appointments set for physical therapy, and are hoping to get well soon!

As if dealing with the wreck wasn't enough to deal with....our dog of one-year, Daisy, got out of our backyard on Wednesday and ran-away. We are so sad that she is gone. I posted fliers, but no calls about our baby girl. She had a collar on, with my phone number....hoping she is safe wherever she is. We love her.
Here's to hoping things will get better soon....and that our bad luck turns around. Sorry for this sad post.

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