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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cravings....and Pregnancy Updates

So I have started to have some cravings during this pregnancy. Among the cravings, the strongest urges I have are for grape-flavored slushes from Sonic, and sour sweettarts. I really don't know why sour foods taste so good right now. I can also tell you that I LOVE anything spicy...preferably hot sauce. But, as most of you know, I've always loved spicy foods. Everything is going great in the pregnancy. Today marks week 14, and I am excited to be getting closer to my fourth month of pregnancy. My next doctor's appointment is on February should just be a routine checkup...nothing too exciting. After that, I am scheduled to have an ultrasound on March 9th. This is the big, important ultrasound folks! Jon and I will find out if this little busy-body inside of me is a little girl, or little boy. We haven't really been able to agree on a name for either sex, but we do have a few that we like: For a Boy: Peyton, Ashton, and Holden....For a Girl: Peyton, Chloe, and Addison. I will tell you that among our friends, Chloe was the choice for a girl....and Ashton for a boy.

Right about now...this is how Jon and I we live in a sardine can. The one-bedroom apartment we currently inhabit is so small, that we find ourselves unable to have a space that is all our own. We truly cannot wait until June, when we can bid the small-college apartment goodbye. So, the house dreams continue...

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