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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thunder Up!! - NBA Playoffs, Round 2, Game 7

Last week I got a bit of great news, when I found out I'd won tickets to the Thunder vs. Memphis game. Since Jon works all of the Thunder games, I asked my dad if he'd join me for what turned out to be the most exciting basketball game I've ever seen in person. We rolled into "Thunder Alley" and enjoyed some pre-game festivities...I even got a picture of dad with the Thunder girls as they walked by us.

 Our seats were awesome...

 The arena was so LOUD...I've never seen fans get into a game as much as they did at this one.

As if going to such an amazing basketball game weren't enough, we got to drive there in this...

 Dad bought himself a little's very fast, and I am totally jealous! I hope you all had a great weekend...Let's go Thunder!!

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