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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr. Fix It

Summer has brought all kinds of new little projects around the house for Jon (Mr. Fix It). Once we had our new floors installed, it was time to start upgrading a few other things around our house, starting with our broken microwave. We bought an over the range microwave back in 2009, when we moved into the house, and paid someone to install it for us. broke three years later. Jon and I finally bought a replacement, but it sat around our house for a few weeks until Jon's boss could assist him in installing it. It may seem easy, but it's NOT. Let's just say that after a tough installation, the microwave looked awful and mismatched with our other appliances. So, down came that microwave and it was back to the store for a different model. Add another week, and we finally have a working microwave...and Jon is an expert microwave installer.

The next project was much easier! Jon installed three new ceiling lights to hang in our hallway and laundry room. They were a quick project that really made an impact.

We look forward to more opportunities to improve our home, and are having lots of fun learning how to do home projects on our own.

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