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Monday, May 4, 2009

Daisy Honan - The Newest Member of Our Family

Here she is...Ms. Daisy Honan. She is a 10-week old, 3lb., Miniature Schnauzer. Although she requires constant attention, she is the best dog ever! I have been telling Jon for quite sometime now that I wanted to get a dog. Jon was pretty much against the idea, but after a week...he can't imagine life without the puppy. Potty-training and biting are Daisy's most difficult behaviors to overcome. We have introduced her to the "pee-pee pads", which are plastic lined on the bottom, and cotton lined on top. These pads are supposed to attract dogs with an appealing scent, but our dog likes to drag them all over the house like a chew toy, rather than go to the bathroom on them. As far as biting goes....well, let's just say blood has appeared a few times after one of her "playful" bites. Daisy has many toys, and is spoiled rotten. It's funny, because Jon and I already find ourselves calling each other Mommy and Daddy. Daddy takes Daisy outside, while Mommy prepares her food, bedding, and bath time. We feel like an (almost) complete family. We can't wait for Riley to get here, and complete the circle. Being pregnant for nine-months just seems to drag on...but I am now almost 29 weeks pregnant, and getting anxious! By the way, I just thought I'd mention that these pictures of the dog were taken by the breeder....Some of my friends were concerned that I decorated my kitchen with Disney wallpaper, and that I ate "Campbell's Cream of Celery Soup". I hope everyone is doing well! God Bless!

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